Linking: One of our basic and persistent failures

24 Aug

“The old newsroom adage, ‘Why promote your competition?’ is due for a serious update,” Amy Gahran argues in this post tonight on the Knight Media Digital Center‘s “News Leadership 3.0” blog.

Linking to other sources of information period, not to mention “competition,” is one of the most basic things that separates the web (as in a web-like network of information, not a static, dead-end alleyway of of text) from print.

Yet not linking remains one of our most persistent failures – whether it’s the attitude toward “competition” cited in this piece, or more likely, just not an easy step to build into the computer system the newspaper or magazine uses to manage its stories.

We need to make it a key part of our newsroom workflow. And perhaps expansion of blogging as part of regular beat coverage would help ingrain the link into the culture of the organization.


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