Training for the U.S. Senate by wrangling a 2-year-old

26 Jan

What’s life like for a U.S. Senate candidate without a multimillion-dollar campaign war chest or connections to the party establishment?

Sylvester Salcedo

A little-known completely unknown candidate for the U.S. Senate showed up last night for the New Haven Register‘s first “Citizens’ Agenda” forum on what issues will be at the heart of our political coverage in 2012.

Instead of an entourage or handlers, Sylvester Salcedo showed up with a stroller, sippy cups and 2-year-old son Leonardo.

Salcedo was there just to listen to the two dozen residents who assembled at the New Haven Public Library for the open forum organized by New Haven Register Community Engagement Editors Ed Stannard and Angi Carter.

But the yellow legal pad be brought for taking notes was taken over by Leonardo’s coloring. And then there was the wiggling. And running away. And screaming. And throwing things.

I loved it because it reminded me exactly of any time I’ve tried to work with my 2-year-old son Cash in the room. That “I’m not alone!” feeling. This guy knows what it’s like!

And you’ve got to have some respect for an against-all-odds candidate who would spend two hours just listening to voters instead of spouting their own platform, while wrangling the most boisterous 2-year-old boy ever produced (after my own, that is – Cash would have destroyed that library).

Let’s see Chris Murphy bring his kids to the next campaign event, without aides or spouse to help.

And by the way, Salcedo seems like a pretty interesting guy. We’re looking forward to sharing his ideas with readers soon.

2 Responses to “Training for the U.S. Senate by wrangling a 2-year-old”

  1. Barbara Fair January 27, 2012 at 6:04 pm #

    Mr Salcedo has attended meetings in New Haven in the past. He has an interesting background in service to the country, Years ago he returned a medal of honor presented to him by our government. He did so to protest the imfamous war on drugs and its destructive impact on American citizens. You will likely not find another with the courage to speak out on the war on drugs. Most (if not all) candidates avoid it like the plague. I hope this “long shot” can win. Google for more info.


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    […] The crowd at our first Citizens Agenda forum in New Haven Wednesday included Democrats, Republicans, a Green Party activist, a Ron Paul supporter, a leader of the local chapter of the League of Women Voters and a long-shot U.S. Senate candidate who showed up with his 2-year-old son. […]

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