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Reporter, eating competition: Natural fit, right?

24 Aug

Litchfield County Times reporter Jack Coraggio made a valiant effort, but came up short of winning a hot dog eating contest in Southbury on Sunday.

Journalists can get creative sometimes in swinging free meals. Litchfield County Times reporter Jack Coraggio took that to another level on Sunday, and ate like he didn’t know when his next meal was going to come. Jack competed in a hot dog eating contest in Southbury to benefit the Special Olympics of Connecticut. He didn’t win, but did manage to consume 6 hot dogs, including buns, in 7 minutes. CLICK HERE to check out his story about the experience – and a video of his eating abilities.

More mountain lions in Connecticut?

24 Aug

A visitor to White Memorial in Litchfield claims to have seen a mountain lion there.

Reporter Jack Coraggio has a story for the Litchfield County Times today about a possible mountain lion sighting at White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield.  Reports like this are taking on a lot more significance this year since Connecticut wildlife officials were forced to confirm the possible existence of mountain lions in the state after one was struck and killed by a car in Milford. For decades, state officials had been denying their existence in Connecticut.